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Our company has been working in the fishing industry for more than 25 years and successfully presents products of fish processing and caviar production in the market of delicatessen food products. Currently, we present products under the brand "Whole Caviar".

•  In 2007, a decision was made to expand the business from Russia to Europe and a project was developed to open a European or southern European branch of the company's commercial Department. However, the time and trends of the world market in the food industry have significantly adjusted our plans and made us think about opening a new production of fish and seafood delicacies on the territory of the European Union.
•  In 2010 , a plan was developed to meet our new goals and objectives.
•  In 2011, we started implementing it.
•  In 2013, the first stage of the project was completed - a site and site for our production was selected in an ecologically clean, mountainous region of southern Bulgaria .
•  In 2015, the second stage was completed – design, equipment and equipping of factory areas. An EU license for the production of caviar was obtained and the entire plant was certified under the HACCP system.
•  At the beginning of 2016, the plant was put into operation and the production process of "Whole Caviar" products began.
•  At the end of 2017, our company was licensed under the FDA system, which allows us to expand sales markets not only in Europe, but also to be represented in the United States.

While the range of our production is quite limited, but we are constantly working in the direction of its expansion . Moreover, the favorable competitive environment of fish farms in Bulgaria, the strict legislation of the European Union in the field of food safety and quality, the desire for global competitiveness in the production of environmentally friendly products - makes our products undoubtedly attractive for consumption. These factors give us the opportunity to combine Bulgaria's environmental attractiveness, production discipline, competitive price and present to the world market delicious and, we hope, desirable products "Whole Caviar".

We are glad to cooperate with you!

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